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The Percussion Massage Tool—PMT100  - This tool is light weight and easy to handle! Specifically designed for chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and physical training experts to use when working with their patients or clients and for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


The PMT100 is turned on and off by pressing the trigger and the variable speed can be adjusted between 1 - 6 by turning the dial on the right side of the tool. The adjustable arm allows for three different angles for more reach when self applying.


The different tips and adapters gives you the variety of treatment any professional or novice will need for muscle warm up and recovery!

PMT100 PRO Package Includes


    Massage Tool

    2 Lithium Ion Batteries PLUS a

    Fast Charger (approx. 1 hr) 

    Custom Carrying Case

    2 Foam Balls Tips (45mm and 65mm)

    Hard Plastic Cone Tip

    Single Silicon Tip Adapter

    Dual Silicon Tip Adapter

    5 Silicon Tips

 Compatible To Both Adapters


  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

  • Batteries: 40 Min Life

  • Charging Time: 1 Hour

  • Noise:  78 dBA @ 1 meter

  • Lock On Trigger

  • Adjustable Arm Angle

  • Speed Control (500-2400rpm)

PMT100 BASIC Package Includes


    Massage Tool

    1 Lithium Ion Batterie PLUS a

    Slow Charger (approx. 3hrs) 

    1 Foam Ball Tip (45mm)

    Hard Plastic Cone Tip

Upgrade option 1

    1 Single Silicone Tip Adapter With 3       Different Single tips

OR option 2

    1 Dual Silicone Tip Adapter With 2 Different Dual Silicon Tips