How to Use the Percussion Massage Tool PMT100


  • The Percussion Massage Tool may be used every day. It is recommended that the PMT be used no more than twice daily on a single muscle/area. The PMT should be used as needed based on the soreness of an area and the desired results. A person can effectively apply the PMT on most of their reachable body in about 15 minutes. If the PMT will be wielded by a second person, the tool can be used for a stimulating and relaxing whole body massage over approximately 20-25 minutes.

  • It is recommended that the PMT be used for no more than 30-90 seconds at a time on any one particular area.

  • The tool may be used to loosen muscles, which may be useful pre/post workout. The relief of muscle and fascia tension may not be immediate and may require multiple intermittent applications over time.

  • Start using the tool carefully and at low speeds using light pressure. Use broad tips on large muscles such as quadriceps, gluteals, or hamstrings to test your tolerance to percussion massage. You can then increase the speed and pressure, or try different tips, to achieve the required effectiveness in the target area.


  • The Percussion Massage Tool must be used responsibly and not be used at a speed or pressure that causes injury or inflicts pain. While some discomfort may be expected from percussion massage therapy, the discomfort should be tolerable, but not painful.

  • If the Percussion Massage seems to be slowing down in speed and is firmly rebounding off the body, the most likely cause is a low battery. The tool should not be used until the battery has either been replaced or recharged.

  • Avoid using over loose clothing as the tips can snag or drag. If clothing is bunching up, you can pull the clothing taunt while using the Percussion Massage Tool over the clothing.

  • High force or great amounts of pressure should never be used with the Percussion Massage Tool. High force may also damage the muscle, and it will damage the tools and drain the battery. 



  • Consult your doctor or physical therapist prior to use. Only use the tool on muscle tissue.

  • Avoid applying pressure to organs and lymph nodes.

  • Do not use the tool on bone, which will cause the tool to bounce up and down against the bone’s hard surface area.


  • Do not use the tool on the head or face.


  • Do not use the tool directly on joints.


  • Do not use the tool on the spine. If the tool will be used near the spine, use the large round ball tip or thumb tip while applying light pressure. Or use the specially designed wide adapter with two softer (green recommended) tips that will fit on either sides of the spine.


  • Do not use the tool on one spot for more than 30 - 90 seconds at a time.


  • Do not apply too much pressure as it may damage the muscle or overheat the tool and damage the shaft and tips.


  • If you are taking a prescription drug blood thinner and you may bruise under the use of any massage or percussion tool, do not use this tool. If taking a small dose of aspirin as a blood thinner, then use with caution and with light pressure. Experiment on a small area to test whether you may bruise. If you do not bruise, the PMT should be safe to use.


Caring for your Percussion Massage Tool

  • Do not expose the Percussion Massage Tool to rain or wet conditions. Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of electric shock.


  • Keep the Percussion Massage Tool and its handle dry, clean, and free from oil and grease. Always use a clean cloth when cleaning. Never use brake fluid, gasoline, petroleum-based products, or any strong solvents to clean the tool. Proper maintenance will reduce deterioration of the enclosure plastic and reduce the risk of losing one’s grip when manipulating the tool.


  • Be attentive and use common sense when operating the Percussion Massage Tool. Do not use tool while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. A moment of inattention while operating the Percussion Massage Tool may result in serious personal injury.


  • Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, and contain long hair. Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts.


  • Ensure the Percussion Massage Tool is completely turned off before transferring it to storage or leaving it unattended.


  • Do not force the Percussion Massage Tool. Using the tool correctly will ensure the best and safest performance.


  • Do not use the Percussion Massage Tool if the tool does not turn on, or if it will not turn back off. Any tool that cannot be controlled with the trigger is a potential hazard and should be returned for repairs.


  • When not in use, store the Percussion Massage Tool out of the reach of children and other untrained users. This tool may result in serious personal injury in the hands of untrained users.


  • Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, damage to parts, and any other condition that may affect the tool’s operation. If damaged, have the tool serviced before using. Accidents or personal injury may be caused by poorly maintained tools.


  • Use only the accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer for the Percussion Massage Tool. Accessories that may be suitable for one tool may become hazardous when used with or by a similar product or tool.