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Customized Percussion Massage Therapy Tips

All of our tips are made from a hypo-allergenic medical grade silicon

Thumb Tip

  • Best for smaller muscles in the neck, arms, hands, and feet.

  • Made from softer, more malleable material. The best tip is the soft green thumb for neck muscles.

Straight Edge and Pointed Tips

  • Best for the specific release of targeted fascia and muscle groups. Designed to be applied at a 45 degree angle and guided into the crevices or junctures of muscle tissue.

  • Must be used carefully at higher speed settings and bony areas.

Flat Wide and Textured Tip

  • Best for larger muscles groups, such as the legs and gluteals.


Large Round Tip

  • Best for overall muscle percussion to relax nearly every muscle group.

  • Of all the tips, this is the most gentle and is the most versatile, but has too much impact around neck muscles. Avoid the neck with this tip.





















  • The massage tip should be applied perpendicular to the muscle being worked on. Excessive sideways force can bend and crack the shaft. Using the tool at a slight 45 degree angle with the angled tips or ball, and with light to medium pressure is considered safe and effective.  

  • The straight edge and pointed tips are intended for use by professionals who understand anatomy and the areas in which to use these techniques appropriately. These tips should be used with caution by non-professionals as it is easier to inadvertently injure a muscle with them.


  • Consult your doctor or physical therapist prior to use. Only use the tool on muscle tissue.

  • Avoid applying pressure to organs and lymph nodes.

  • Do not use the tool on bone, which will cause the tool to bounce up and down against the bone’s hard surface area.


  • Do not use the tool on the head or face.


  • Do not use the tool directly on joints.


  • Do not use the tool on the spine. If the tool will be used near the spine, use the large round ball tip or thumb tip while applying light pressure.


  • Do not use the tool on one spot for more than 30 - 90 seconds at a time.


  • Do not apply too much pressure as it may damage the muscle or overheat the tool and damage the shaft and tips.


  • Do not apply excessive sideway force as it may bend or crack the shaft, causing the motor to slow and the pitch of the motor will drop.


  • If you are taking a prescription drug blood thinner and you may bruise under the use of any massage or percussion tool, do not use this tool. If taking a small dose of aspirin as a blood thinner, then use with caution and with light pressure. Experiment on a small area to test whether you may bruise. If you do not bruise, the PMT should be safe to use.

Soft Wide Tip

Green Soft Tips Soft and Flexible Easiest to use around tight inflexible muscle or around boney areas Most similar to a mouse pad Shore Hardness - 30A

Medium Wide Tip

Blue Medium Tips Firm but forgiving Most similar to a pencil eraser or a human finger tip Shore Hardness - 50A

Hard Wide Tip

Purple Hard Tips Very firm Holds its shape and can deliver deeper pressure Most similar to car tire tread Shore Hardness - 60A