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Kevin Khoury

I have worked in a physical therapy clinic for about 3 years now. During that time I’ve gotten to try the timtam, theragun, and hypervolt massage therapy devices. The PMT is the most affordable, versatile, effective, and not limited to large muscle masses. I swear by this tool and use it every day. It’s super exciting to be involved in this up and coming brand and technology. This device is so easy to use, just about anyone can operate it effectively.

Kevin Khoury
Physical Therapy Rehab Technician 

Girl Doing Push-Ups

Martha Chaffin

"I was looking for a lightweight, easily handled tool, and at 1.x pounds, this PMT is perfect for me! Convenient too as it works cordless or plugged in. And even though it's lightweight, it has great power to deeply reach those big muscles. Comes with a gentle tip for sensitive muscles in the neck.  All-around great tool!"


Martha Chaffin

Member of Woodland Hills Athletic Club

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I have ridden and raced a bicycle most of my life. As a former Olympian, having muscles recover fast after training or racing is a must. When Ryan introduced me to the PMT, I was so amazed at how quickly it released muscle tension, knots, and flushed out lactic acid. I also appreciate how easy it is to use. I have been using the blue tip ball. Whether for a quick light flush or to go in deep after a knot, the control makes the PMT very effective. As I have aged, my muscles are much less supple than they once were. The PMT has helped dramatically to loosen my legs up and allow me to recover from day to day much quicker. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone.

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Lindy Larkin

The Percussion Massage Tool is amazing.  

What sets this tool apart from other massage tools is the unique combination of massage power, the custom tips, and ease of use.


Whenever I have tightness and pain from disc injuries in my lumbar spine, I pull out the tool and work the affected area. The tool is so powerful - that In mere minutes - BAM - the muscles relax and I can move right into my next activity.  


Before I knew about the PMT, whenever I suffered from muscle tightness and pain, I would need to schedule an appointment with the chiropractor to relieve the stress in the muscles and nerves. Utilizing the PMT - I no longer have to wait for a chiro appointment. I am able to treat and heal my own muscles. It's quick - it's painless - it's magic.

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