Already have a Hypervolt or  Quiet Massager like the one we sell? Looking for tips that work a lot better then the plastic or foam tips provided? Try PMT's unique Silicone Tips.

   The soft ball tip is our more forgiving tip which is easy to use anywhere.

   The edge tip is a medium hardness tip, designed to work a line. Great to working one muscle  or tendons as well as getting under the shoulder blades.

  The point tip is a medium hardness tip, designed to get deep into the muscle and to focus stongly on one small area.

 There are a number of different Quiet Massager on the market, so to make sure that these tips will work with your Massager, we suggest you measure the base of a tip from your current massager.  Is the diameter of the base is about 3/4 of an inch, these tips will work. If it is closer to a 1/2 inch, we are working on those currently and they should be avilable soon.

  If you are unsure, feel free to email us at, let us know what your massager is and we will let you know if our tips will work your massager.

3 Silicone Tips for Quiet Massager or Hypervolt