The face cradle lock will prevent the face cradle from slipping position while your client or patient's face is resting in the cradle during treatment. 


Two locks are included in your order and come eqiuped with nut and screw already assembled and ready to be locked in place. 


See the video for insturctions or see the info section

Massage Table Face Cradle Lock

  • Once the face cradle is inserted into the two holes of the massage table, with the lock's screw almost completely unscrewed, place each lock on the face cradle posts with the longer side of the lock facing forward towards the front of the massage table. 

    Then rotate the screw's black knob counter clockwise to tighten the lock to the post. Do not over tighten. 

    To release the lock rotate the screw's black knob clockwise until you are able to easily slide the lock off the posts.