The PMT Quiet Massage tool is a powerful but quiet massager that comes with 1 PMT Unique Silicone Tip of your choice. Select the solf ball tip, medium edge tip or medium point tip. While not quite as powerful as the PMT100, it still gives a deep and powerful massage and the slightly less power is a trade off for a lot less noise. The PMT Quiet Massager operates at no more than 50 dB, which is about that of a quiet suburb, whereas the PMT100 operates at about 75 dB, over 4 times the volume. 

Noise will not exceed 50 dB even if you adjust to the maximum vibration amplitude. Quite enough to use at home or the office without disturbing others near you. 

   24v powerful brushless motor, ultra-quiet, strong heat dissipation function, the vibration sense penetrates deep muscle groups and defeats lactic acid. 

  Includes a 6 hour, internal 2400 mAh lithium battery. Charge time is 2 to 3 hours plugging in directly to the walk.

Package List:


1x Massage Gun
1x Unique Silicone Head

6x Massage Plastic/Foam Heads

1x Charger

1x Portable Case

PMT Quiet Massager with 1 Silicon Tip