Powerful Handheld Percussion Massage Tool
This light weight, easy to handle tool is the perfect for deep tiusse massaging tool. At ~2.5lb, the tool is easy to use with a trigger lock allowing the tool to stay on without holding the trigger. Adjustable arm for three different angles allows more reach when self applying the tool. Comes with a silicon dual tip adaptor and 2 different silicon tips. A Silicon Convext Dual tip, best for big muscles and getting a lot of force to any large area. A solf Concave Dual Tip, best for more sensitive areas and can get wrap around areas like the calf or quads, biceps or triceps. The plastic cone or foam ball can also be used to focus in on smaller areas in need to a lot of work.


    Massage Tool

    Lithuin Ion Battery with a ~40min battery Life

    Charger, Battery charge time ~3 hour

    Silicon Dual Tip Adaptor
    Silicon Convext Dual tip (Meduim hardness)
    Silicon Concave Dual Tip (soft)

    Foam Ball Tip (45mm)

    Hard Plastic Cone Tip

PMT100 With Two Different Silicone Dual Tips