The Developers


Angela Landeros

Angela Landeros is a licensed massage therapist with a passion to use and create new modalities to optimize the success of her practice and give clients a muscle-changing 

experience, so they can perform at the top of their game, whether at work, sports, or during their daily routine. Creating the first PMT unit was another one of those methods that just had to be brought to life by re-engineering the innovative practice of percussion massage therapy. Her background as an Equine Bodyworker, equestrian, and

mobility junkie and her success squashing Multiple Sclerosis through lifestyle change, has all influenced her life’s direction to help others be their most healthy. She is also the author of The FLog Journal, the creator of Summa Technique Massage ("Summa Teq."), and Mobility Conditioning ("MobCon") on Youtube.

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Brian Hughes

 Brian Hughes recently retired from a 40 year career in engineering research at Hewlett Packard and HRL Laboratories. He has a PhD in Engineering from USC. He has published more than 100 technical papers, and holds 5 US Patents. Brian collaborates on the design of the Percussion Massage Tools. For the last few years, Brian has been working out with his trainer RJ Vazquez and working with massage therapist Angela Landeros to correct physical problems from a career of working on computers, and to achieve the flexibility and strength for an active lifestyle. Brian’s motivation for developing the Percussion Massage Tool was to help fix his rotator cuff. The concepts and improvements of the percussion massage tool have come from the collaboration with Angela Landeros, and my son Ryan Hughes, who designs and manufactures the PMT's parts. 

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Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 10 years’ experience running a small business. He collaborated with Angela Landeros and Brian Hughes to develop the first PMT unit, and continues to produce the units and conceptualize new modifications and improvements. Ryan is the lead product designer and runs the day-to-day operations of the business.